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Storefronting Update: Prada, Diesel Debut Dates

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Storefronting is Curbed's regular look at the changing retail scene, with an emphasis on how it impacts neighborhoods. Opening a store? See a store that's opening? Send the deets 'n pics.

PRADA— Prada has been stripped of its wrapper; the long-awaited land of the $100-plus cellphone accessory is swarming with activity as workers bustle about inside and out. A little history: Some might recall the hullabaloo over Rem Koolhaas's initial design for the store (which, at the time, John King characterized as "pockmarked." Lovely invocation there.). Preservationists/ the Planning Commission shot down the clean, decidedly modern design, effectively stalling out the project for another seven years. Victory is nigh, however, as a friendly neighborhood construction worker confirmed that the flagship shall open its (heavily guarded) doors within two to three weeks. They've got a long way to go in the meantime— see constructoporn for details.
DIESEL— Diesel is wrapped up and ready for action (this place is gonna be huge). Its facade claims a Spring 2009 opening. Of course, we're still awaiting Ferrari's Spring 2008 opening, so we'll be on hopeful, yet skeptical lookout for timely construction.
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