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Have a Job? Good for You

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But don't expect much help on the housing front. The Chron takes a look at the "invisible class" of working, middle-class San Franciscans who skirt the middle line, making too much to qualify for city housing programs and too little to buy at market rate. Work full-time for minimum wage? (Which, incidentally, hovers at $9.32 per hour.) DQ'd! Your estimated $19k-plus income is just too much. Double income in a four-person household? Truly screwed. Supe Bevan Duffy has proposed a "density bonus" that provides permitting perks for devs that elect to ditch studios for BMI family units (as if those can't be bought anyway... ) while other advocacy groups flail like dolphins in the web of municipal red tape that leaves so many of us feel so poor in one of the richest cities in America. Boo hoo.
· City housing should work for middle class, too [SF Gate]