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Architecture Watch: Herzog & De Meuron's Tate II Looks Awfully Familiar

De Young Museum architects Herzog & de Meuron have another twisted tower in the works: an extension to their Tate Modern museum in London. The proposed design will add 5,000 square meters of new gallery space, increasing the already-enormous Tate by 65%. Looks a little familiar, doesn't it? Although difficult to parse from the rendering, the cladding will be comprised of elaborately perforated brick inspired by the original Tate— such is the same with the existing, underground industrial spaces (former home to massive oil tanks) which will provide a physical foundation for the extension; plans also allow for a subterranean auditorium and performance space. Construction begins next year, and should be completed by the opening of the 2012 Olympics.
· Transforming Tate Modern [Tate Online]

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