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Extreme Preservation: No Net for GG Bridge?

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As debates continues over the installation of suicide barriers on the Golden Gate Bridge, one option has emerged as the clear favorite: do nothing. According to an internet poll (always completely reliable) conducted by the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District, 75% of people think the nation's most recognizable bridge should remain exactly as it stands. Now and Forever. Of those 25% that support a barrier, however, most prefer the installation of a net below the bridge. If a net were installed after all and someone did happen to jump, here's what would go down:

Assuming they weren't the Incredible Hulk, and able to break free from the netting, a truck modified with a specialized cherry-picking device, called a "snooper" would transport emergency workers over the railing to untangle the would-be jumper. Oh, and to deter any wanna-be circus performers or pranksters: the net is made from a marine-grade steel coated in plastic, so the fall would hurt. A lot. Although public opinion will be taken into consideration, the final decision won't be made by the general public, relatives of jumpers, or mental-health professionals; instead, a 19-member board will decide in October how, if at all, to stop suicide attempts from the bridge.
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Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA