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Tax This: North Beach Owners Pay for Parties

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As if owning property in North Beach wasn't expensive enough, those fortunate enough to possess a portion of the neighborhood may soon have to pay a "party tax" of sorts. North Beach is well known and often derided for its night life, a scene that's always been somewhat boisterous but has been growing increasingly violent. As a result, a greater police presence is often required, a cost that could be offset by the new tax. So area property owners will vote today on creating a new Community Benefit District bound by Columbus Avenue, Broadway, Montgomery Street and Pacific Avenue — the results of which, besides the additional tax, would be a crackdown on loitering (3 minutes max outside clubs!) and the possible use club-specific hand stamps so police can track down troublemakers (totally foolproof!). Sounds like North Beach is looking for a "higher class" of tourist. Supervisors are also scheduled to vote today, but Super-Supe Peskin is hoping to postpone the Board's final vote because many local businesses have complained about not being properly included in the CBD process. Sigh.
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[image via flickr user Kanaka's Paradise Life]