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Great Moments in Planning: Subway Might Sink Powell Street Station

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Was anyone out there expecting the Central Subway to coast through the planning process without controversy? Didn't think so. The latest news on the sometimes-maligned project has BART board member Tom Radulovich raising a stink about the proposed Chinatown linkage— seems that it could possibly sink or collapse the Powell Street station. Said Rad: "I've seen a lot of large capital projects and a lot of transit projects planned, and I'd say this is one of the worst-planned that I've seen." Worst. Planned. Takers, anyone? To be fair, Radulovich is harkening back to a successful $27.5 million lawsuit levied against BART when they similarly screwed a parking structure while digging for the Peninsula extension. Rad claims that his concerns will be addressed in the final Environmental Impact Report. (Sounds like Mr. Radulovich isn't holding his breath.) Meanwhile, we wonder if it's not too late to suggest a transfer at Powell Street to the dangling Muni?
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