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Fact or Shill?: Google Shuttles in Best Buyers

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Google's shuttle sweeps through San Francisco every morning, collecting many of the 1,200 Bay Area employees and delivering them to the company's Mountain View mothership— and increasing the value of local real estate while en route, according some agents' latest theory. Google-fueled "micro markets" are popping up around the Valencia Corridor, Dolores Heights and Noe Valley, fueled by young professionals wealthy enough to buy, but who instead choose to stay in San Francisco's obscene rental market. Agents are seeing more and more clients list proximity to the shuttle as a primary criteria in their housing hunt (too environmentally conscious to drive, or too lazy to walk to the bus?) Googlers are changing the relationship between the suburbs and the city, some claim, as they abandon cars for a ride on the ultra-posh coach. Thought: Proximity to public transportation— especially in cities where the goddamned transpo actually functions— always increases real estate value (fun with logic!). Is the public/ private dichotomy that marked, or are we witnessing a little propaganda campaign launched by a few agents shilling for buyers?
· The Google Effect: How the company's shuttle line affects San Francisco real estate [SF Gate]

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