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On the Market: Well Played in Ashbury Heights

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Brace for the facts, folks. FACT #1: 445 Upper Terrace #3 is a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo in Ashbury Heights. FACT: 445 Upper Terrace #3 has zebra wood floors, a balcony, sick pano views, and enough stainless steel to run a mill. Plus a projector and surround sound. The stager who tricked out 445 Upper Terrace #3 has a pretty "good eye," as we say in the business. So does the photog. Oh, and the web designer— the owners retained one of those, too. Oh, the possibilities ... FACT: The writer who penned the listing for 445 Upper Terrace #3 is literate. FACT: 445 Upper Terrace #3 is on the market for $879,000 asking. CONCLUSION: From the above facts and opinions, we've deduced that that the owners of 445 Upper Terrace #3 want to sell. Seriously. Now.
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