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Fun with Contests: Design Your Dwelling

Google and Dwell have teamed up to launch "Design Your Dwelling," a contest that challengers would-be architects (you know, like Brad Pitt) to render their ideal domiciles using Google SketchUp. From Dwell's blog: "Each entry must take into account climate, public access, and size constraints, among other issues ... Designs will be judged on basic principles such as sustainability, cost-efficiency, and interior and exterior design. The grand prize winner will be flown to San Francisco for an awards lunch at the Dwell headquarters, an in-person tour of the design site, and an AIA / Dwell architecture home tour. In addition, a physical 3D model of his/her home will be created and displayed at Dwell, and then gifted to the winner. Airfare and accommodations will be provided by Dwell and Google SketchUp." [Dwell Blog]

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