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Daly Ejected from Mensa Over Mission Closure Plan

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"It's an intriguing idea, but this isn't a very smart proposal. Chris Daly is not exactly the president of Mensa." Thus spoke Gavin's spokesman of Daly's proposition to close (by and large, at least) a two-mile stretch of Market Street from Octavia Boulevard to the Embarcadero. According to Gav's people, Daly's chances are "slim to none;" similar proposals have been bouncing around City Hall for well over a decade. So what's the damage? Yesterday's comment box was filled with support for the idea— ne ultra-pragmatic reader called it best: "Who would drive down Market Street? It is much faster to take other nearby streets. Anyone knows that." We concede: Market is indeed a mess. (How many times have you directed a cabbie to cut to Mission Street?)

We're wondering, however, is what the street would look and feel like without the madness around Union Square. It's been established that cars do, in fact, damage the environment, and often cause more trouble than they're worth (one word: parking). Potholes and fixie riders do not mix. But the traffic shitshow is what makes the FiDi feel like a metropolitan area, and we're having trouble picturing that area without it. Superficial excuse? Yes. Solid reason not to close the area? No way. But thanks for indulging us anyway.
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