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Whole Foods Does Real Estate: 690 Stanyan

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Haight NIMBYs are so not having 690 Stanyan, a condominium development set to occupy the defunct Cala Foods at Haight and Stanyan Streets. Remarkably enough, Whole Foods is marketing the plan— not the other way, as is usually the case with residential developments. The plan calls for the construction of a four-story, 115,400 square foot mixed-use building with a Whole Foods at ground level and 62 condos situated above it— 26 studios, 20 one-bedrooms, and 15 two-bedroom units. One lucky buyer will score a three-bedroom penthouse (and a much-coveted view of the drum circle in Golden Gate Park. Whole Foods is, of course, taking the "positive economic impact" and "pedestrian friendly" angles in their marketing campaign— they've even preempted the hates by publishing a comparative study of WF's likely effect on the nabe. Now, what to do about the gutterpunk magnet McDonald's across the way?
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Whole Foods

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