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Board of Superfriends Reconsider New Justice Center

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There's new hope for Mayor Newsom's Community Justice Center, a specialized court designed to deal with street crime by serving sentences geared towards social services. Previously, the Board of Supervisors blocked the pilot program, which is based on a successful New York model, due to budget constraints, but after polling results indicated that the public supports the idea, they're starting to change their tune to back the mayor's idea. In today's Chron, the cause is personalized with a tale of a beat cop and a homeless man—whose crimes included attacking said police officer—with a 16 page rap sheet who has only served 64 days in jail "in the interest of justice." In a possible vote today, the Supes might reconsider exactly whose "justice" is being served and how it could actually benefit residents in The Tenderloin and SoMa. Brace.
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