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Public Sounds Off On Bridge Barrier Designs

At a meeting last night, Bay Area residents had a chance to sound off on the newly unveiled design proposals for a Golden Gate Bridge suicide barrier. In attendance were families of those who have jumped, and those who survived their icy plunge into the Bay; both agreed than leaping from the Art Deco span is often an impulsive decision and that any type of deterrent would make a successful impact. Most of the crowd was made of bridge purists who weren't buying it (surprise!). That camp supports a proposed increase in funding for "suicide patrols" instead of altering the iconic design. "I jumped and lived. Now I want to do whatever I can to prevent others from jumping," said one survivor— kinda hard to argue with that one, no? The Ferry Building will play host to another public sound-off tonight, and bridge officials will vote on the proposals in October.
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Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA

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