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Storefronting: PRADA Soirée Draws Swell Set

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Last evening's grand debut of the new Prada flagship at 210 Post Street prompted quite the turnout, as promised guests Gavin and Jennifer, along with Mayor Emeritus Willy Brown and other assorted swells rounded out the maxed-out guest list. Before the clock struck midnight, this randy party report landed in the Curbed inbox. Says our informant (who closed with the ever-classic admission of defeat: "I'm drunk and I can't do this anymore.")

[Blasphemous profanity redacted] Can I have a side of anorexia with my Rose, please? Okay, so... everyone on the goddamn socialite planet was there. [insert list of rich/ beautiful/ connected people here, including the above mentioned characters] It's ass ugly. Mirrored columns, really? There are mirrors on almost every surface. Oh, and white carpet. And a horrible white ceiling with cutouts for the lights. It's really terrible ... the food was delicious, but no vegetarian options! BLTs, chowder, caviar, and Scottish salmon.
Harsh. In other, not-as-glamorous news, CB2 is chugging along according to schedule, and plans to open its Union Square flagship on July 30th— just in time to draw in the wide-eyed, bushy tailed dorm dwellers before they scuttle back to U of Debt. [Curbed Inbox]
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