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As IF the City Would Ban Cars From Market Street ... Right?

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"It's the city's grand boulevard ... Why don't we go for the gold?" Seriously now, Daly— this comedy sketch is teetering dangerously toward tragedy. In an announcement made at City Hall yesterday, Supervisor Chris Daly proposed a ban on all motor vehicles along Market Street, between Octavia Boulevard and the Embarcadero (save mass transit and some cross traffic, mind you). Nothing new here— Willie Brown proposed the same during his tenure, and was shot down in short order. While San Francisco does tend to boggle the mind on the legislation front— hello, Global Peace Center— we can barely conceive of a Market Street devoid of the clusterfuck of cars, scooters and fixies that makes traversing the greater downtown area so invigorating. By now, however, we're grown up enough to know better— never say never, folks.
· Plan to ban cars on part of Market St. [SF Gate]