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iPhrenzy UPDATE: Not in Stock, People

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Curbed H.Q. has debunked for the Palace hotel, site of the Inman Real Estate Connect conference— and a mere stone's throw from the Apple store. No surprise then that we've become rather obsessed with scoring an iPhone for ourselves watching as other techtards wait for hours upon hours as if the iPhone were the last bowl of porridge in the orphanage. Great expectations tend to yield disappointment— so let's all hold hands and fall from innocence together now, shall we?

UNION SQUARE—Our very own Apple flagship isn't even answering the phone, if that's any indication. See above for line— not so bad, but we'd venture to bet that they're flush out of stock by now.
STONESTOWN—At least they managed to pick up the phone today. All three models in stock. 4-5 hour wait. Note to the hopeful: You are fucking insane.
CHESTNUT STREET—Dead zone. Total wash. No-go. S.O.L.
· APB: iPhrenzy Still Going Strong in Union Square [Curbed SF]