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Castro Halloween is, in Fact, Dead

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In a bold move to disband the legendary Castro celebration that (used to) promise rowdy good times for all, the city will (attempt to) corral revelers into SoMa, near AT&T park next Hallowed Eve; individual neighborhoods will also host smaller parties in order to further disperse the crowd that probably won't show up, anyway. Some just might recall last year's party, wherein the city transformed the usually happy-go-lucky nabe into a veritable police state, citing the 2006 shooting that injured 9 people as the impetus for placing every damn cop in San Francisco on every damn corner in the neighborhood. Net result: many, many bored civil servants netting thousands upon thousands of dollars in overtime pay. Enter: Burning Man. The city's newly-hired party planner is in talks with freaks folks from Burning Man and Carnival, who will help concoct some fantastical vision in Parking Lot A of AT&T Park— one that will be kid-friendly in the early evening, require paid admission for adults at night, and may or may not proffer alcohol. A dry party at a sports arena hosted by Burners on stilts. Just like the Castro, right?
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