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Construction Watch: Full Frontal at 1 Kearny Street

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Quick checkup on 1 Kearny Street, the "seismic bookend" designed by architect Charles F. Bloszies and sandwiched between the 1902 building to its right, and the Charles Moore-designed, circa 1960's annex situated to the left. While a modest Bloszies characterizes his project as "one of a very few new architectural expressions in an architecturally conservative downtown historic district," our readers beg to differ, by and large. A few choice snippets of commentary on the subject: "This some weird love child of a mansard roof building with a Renzo Piano building," said one commenter during an earlier kvetch sesh on the project. Another chimed in: "The new additions to the left and right of the 1902 building are so fugly I thought that's what was being replaced! Ugly ugly ugly..." And we have an optimist !: "You know what, its better than the Ritz-Carlton add-on thing nearby." Here's a view from Market Street.
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