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SF and Skyscrapers: a Slight Misconception

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A pro high-rise article in the Washington Post cites San Francisco's embrace of vertical building: "In San Francisco, residents have long gotten over their fear of 'Manhattanization' and embraced the skyscraper with all the zest with which they embrace their extreme liberal politics. Longtime residents have felt that since the skyscraper started populating the San Francisco skyline in the late 1960s, theirs is a tue city. Such is the enthusiasm in San Francisco nowadays for skyscrapers that they are set to construct the tallest on the West Coast, called the Transbay Center & Tower." What? No mention of the running arguments and growing outrage over building height and shadows? Last we checked, the "enthusiasm" is just as strong in those who oppose any and all new high-rise construction.
· In D.C., Let's Build a Skyscraper— or Two [Washington Post]