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Exit Stage Left: City Abandons "Redeveloped" Western Addition

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The San Francisco Redevelopment Agency is abandoning leaving the Western Addition, a once culturally rich and diverse neighborhood that is unfortunately now best known for its violent crime and turbulent history— a story that took a dark turn 40 years ago when the San Francisco redevelopment agency razed the neighborhood, promising to overhaul it then bring back the residents and businesses. Of course, that never really happened; many residents and businesses were permanently relocated and the neighborhood is still struggling somewhat despite what the SFRA claims was a $50 million investment. Mandated to leave in January, the Agency will be ending the "urban renewal program" responsible for essentially destroying the once-strong predominantly African American neighborhood. As one longtime resident put it "Yoshi's is wonderful, but not worth destroying a community for."
· Sad chapter in Western Addition history ending [SF Gate]

[Western Addition circa 1980, via flickr user Dizzy Atmosphere]