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On the Market: BL?'s Prime Penthouse

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Address obsessed? Lucky you then— BL?'s front penthouse unit has hit the MLS. 631 Folsom Street offers immaculate views of the quickly-changing downtown San Francisco skyline for just over a million dollars per floor. $3,395,000, asking. 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, 2393 square feet (or $1,418/per). Private glass solarium, wine cooler, doorman— all that, and change. Construction isn't finished, but when such clean renderings are possible, who even needs to see a unit anymore? Several others have hit the market, too; some are priced a little lower than first estimated (understandably, given the market).
· 631 Folsom St #PH-A [MLS; $3,395,000]
· 631 Folsom St #3E [MLS; $739,800]
· 631 Folsom St #10B [MLS; $870,000]
· BL? Preps for its Big Day [Curbed SF]


631 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA