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Ask Curbed SF: What's With the Burning [Redacted]?

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Ask Curbed SF: You ask. We post. Others tell. To the Curbed Inbox!

While we're in the nabe, a characteristically outraged Missionite sent in the following tirade. Caution: implied profanity ahead— we decided to beat the moralists to the comment box and do a little preemptive redacting. We're looking out for you, San Francisco.

Dear Curbed SF: Can someone *please* tell me why *someone* keeps burning [redacted] down in the Mission? Like this newspaper box, for instance. I just don't understand! Who the [redacted] sets fire to plastic boxes for fun? And who fails to call the cops when the entire [redacted] block smells like burning rubber? Hell, I guess we're simply immune to it given that the whole neighborhood smells like [redacted] and [redacted], anyway. I wish our [redacted] police force would get off of its sorry [redacted] and *handle this [redacted]* once and for all. Has anyone else noticed this latest neighborhood phenomenon? For [redacted]'s sake! Signed, Smoking in the Mission"