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Curbed National: Alleys, Parks, and Frank Lloyd Wrong

1) New York's Lincoln Center unveils the design for what's sure to be the nicest alley in Gotham, the Harmony Atrium. Designed by architects Tod Williams Billie Tsien, the public pass-through features "walls of plants and rods (rods?) of falling water." And plenty of room for sleeping. [Curbed]

2) Curbed LA calls bullshit on an agents who claimed a home was built by Lloyd Wright, scion of the most famous name in American architecture. Better yet, the false claim was debunked by the scion of the scion, Eric Lloyd Wright. Editors key strike-throughs accordingly. [Curbed LA]

3) LA: America's 19th century Paris. A bold claim, that makes little sense yet still perks our romantic side. After investing in the arts, The City of Angels is hoping to revive their parks. There's a lot of work to do, but this renovated "industrial area near LA River" seems like a good start. [Curbed LA]