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Broker BlogWrap: Agents, Meet the Internets

Broker BlogWrap is our tribute to the brokersphere. 'Cause we love you that much— we really do. Posts of note may be passed along accordingly.

1) Some realtors are still having a bit of trouble adjusting to this whole "Web 2.0" thing. "It’s called transparency, social networking, and the power of the internet. Get used to it, and plan on losing some clients in the future." Don't worry, mystery realtor, we're sure this whole internet thing is just a passing trend. [The Front Steps]

2) An email mistake from a realtor gives new meaning to the term "double agent." What the client wasn't supposed to see, but did: “Tell the seller’s agent that we think our client’s offer is too low, so the seller should counter-offer. We think the buyer will get emotionally involved (with the home) and will accept the counter so we can close the deal.” Damn "reply all" button. []

3) Other realtors are a bit more savvy — spamming the industry with apocryphal million-dollar price chops. A wise realtor once told us, if something's too good to be true, it probably is. [The Front Steps]

4) No doubt about it, third-party real estate sites are sexy. But more importantly (for most people anyway), are they accurate? You can build all the zoom-maps, walk-scores, and photo-galleries you want, but if the info isn't up to date, you're going to find your traffic drop and the MLS will once again reign supreme. [Sellsius]