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Greener Than Thou: Envirotards Brawl Over Building Codes

Greener Than Thou is our report on San Francisco’s obsession with all things green, giving credit where credit is due and calling bullshit when the need arises. Feeling morally superior on the green front? Testify!

Under pressure from California's environmentalists, Governor Schwarzenegger made a few changes to a new draft state building code intended to help green California. Naturally, it's still not good enough— although the compromise appeases some, the new code still disappoints many treehugging builders and LEED advocates. The problem, it seems, was that the previously proposed state legislation undermined several cities' policies (including, of course, San Francisco's own pending Greener Than Thou legislation). Unfortunately, besides the concession to city codes, the new policy doesn't seem to get much right in the way of green; it doesn't require builders to meet any LEED certification. Residential builders will be compelled to comply, with the state shooting for a 15% reduction in residential energy consumption. Commercial builders, however, should feel free to go crazy with the carbon emissions— Schwarzenegger's policy lets commericial developments off the hook by making enviro-compliance voluntary.
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