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Fees for All!: Pay Your Way into Permit Hell

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Ah yes, the San Francisco Building Department. That special circle of hell reserved for everyone who just wants to do a simple kitchen or garage renovation. To add insult to injury, the Board of Supervisors recently approved an increase in fees on hundreds of permits and Planning Department services— the first since 1992. How steep are we talking? Almost a 38% ($50) increase on small remodel permits and a jump from $80 per hour to $170 per hour for building inspections. (The city cites a rise in the cost of living and increased labor costs as reasons for the hike.) Let's end with a little irony, and rewind back to last year, when then-new Department of Building Inspection director Isam Hasenin claimed that the city had retooled its "process" in order to create a "streamlined, efficient review and approvals’ process that delivers high quality, predictable and responsive customer services." Holding ...
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