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UPDATE: Rent by the Day at One Rincon Hill

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After last week's Craigslist discovery of the rent-by-the-day unit at One Rincon Hill (just $100!) we decided to take a closer look at the rental sitch at everyone's favorite view-skewing high rise. In the past week alone, a whopping fifteen units have popped up on the market; rents are holding in the $3,800-$5,800 range for studios, 1 bedrooms, and 2 bedrooms. A telling not toward the ever-downward spiraling market, perhaps? Or just a bunch of homeowners looking to make bank on one of San Francisco's "it" buildings? Both, probably. As for that hourly rental, here's what we know at this juncture: Our Curbed ops made the call, and are engaged in what has been described as a "sketchy" battle of voicemail tag with a shady woman who operates from a San Diego area code. Returns calls late at night on the weekends, too. Remember that old adage "many a truth is spoken in jest?" We've got your number, One Rincon. (Stay tuned ...)
· Risky Business: Rent by the Day at One Rincon Hill [Curbed SF]

One Rincon Hill

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