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On the Ballot: George W. Bush Sewage Treatment Center

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Jackson West's rendering of the future George W. Bush Sewage Treatment Center stands out as one of our top ten all-time favorite Photoshop jobs— love. Mr. West's (not so) tongue-in-cheek masterpiece just might score with the Planning Department yet— the Presidential Memorial Commission of San Francisco has secured the signatures needed to go before the popular vote. A thoroughly grassroots effort (no paid workers, period) collected around 12,000 signatures in support of the measure; only 7,168 were needed to snag the spot. According to our comrades at SFist, there was a fleeting moment of panic yesterday, as the city elected to spot check 500 of the signatures for authenticity. Kosher salt shook from the shaker, however, so do consider this measure very carefully— it's that crucial, after all— before stumbling into the booth on November 4th.
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