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Fun with Hypocrisy: Daly Can Smoke As He Pleases, Plebe

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Not only does Chris Daly live in a gated community (a reader's words, not ours) but he can also smoke wherever the fuck his heart desires. Quoth an anonymous "frienenemy":

So on the Daly smoking ban, would it just include the common areas of apartments or those of condos, as well? Because if it includes condos, Daly himself smokes cigars on a rooftop walkway on his building -- and let guests (namely me) do the same. [If] Daly can continue to indulge as an owner while renters can't? Hmmmm. I call shenanigans.Anyone else call shananigans? (Or will Daly undergo a little behavioral modification if his smoking ban passes?) [Curbed Inbox]
· Daly Issues Smoking Crackdown [Curbed SF] [Image courtesy Chris Daly]