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Architecture Watch: High-Rise Farms for FiDi?

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Vertical farms are by no means a new idea— enviro-friendly urbanites have been dreaming of high-rise farms for as long as there have been high-rise buildings. But with current interests in both sustainability, urban living, and local farming, the topic of-the-moment once more. The New York Times takes a look at several such concepts, which seem perfectly suited for the foodie urbanites of San Francisco: Instead of buying eggs fresh from Sonoma, why not buy eggs fresh from Sansome Street? Besides the costs of building such a structure—estimates range from $20 Million to hundreds of millions— businesses might prove a challenge, as developers are going to be hard pressed to lease precious city space to poor Farmer Brown over Rich Businessman Brown. As with most things beautiful and idealistic, there are still a few kinks to work out. So for now, it looks like urban farmers are stuck with rooftops, window boxes, and Victory Gardens.
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