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Daly City Born Again After Cow Palace Lot Sale

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Still reeling from the loss of the Burlesque Ball, Cow Palace supporters have reason to celebrate: The Bovine Building has hoofed its way into the news again with the announcement that the California State Assembly approved legislation to allow the sale of the overflow parking lot, thereby opening the door for an expansion of neighborhood services, including new schools, grocery stores, banks, and post offices. In short, everything needed to make Daly City seem a little less like Daly City. As the author of the bill says, "we are one step closer to Daly City residents receiving the basic amenities that all communities deserve." Damn— we had no idea things were so rough down there. The crumbling 1941 structure will not be sold and will remain as-is in the hope that one day it may be renovated to play host to a higher class of gun show and political convention.
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Cow Palace

2600 Geneva Ave, Daly City, CA 94014