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Spotted: Harding Theater Protest Already Planned

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Looks like the preservationists are already circling— a reader spotted this threatening call-to-arms slapped up on a utility pole nearby the Harding Theater. (What's sure to be) a long story, made short: If approved, the former theater and its adjoining lot, 1728 Hayes Street, shall be "adaptively reused" as a 5-story, 8-unit residential building with 8 cars' worth of parking. Marquee: gone. Ditto for the rear stage. Naturally, there are a few discrepancies with the plan, the foremost being outrage over the proposal itself. Vigilantes, mount up. (And get ready to ride, as according to the flier, this one's gonna go long.) [Curbed Inbox]
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Harding Theater

616 Divisadero, San Francisco, CA 94117