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Valencia Street: Hunting Hipsters With the New York Times

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The New York Times' weekend rundown on Valencia Street might as well have been written five years ago (or three, at the very least). In what we can only assume is a wire from a presumably dialed-in correspondent we learn the following about our city's "Hipster Hunting Ground": Ritual Coffee Roasters is popular with web-savvy startups and bloggers alike. (Time line: well over a year ago.) Body shops and abandoned storefronts have been replaced with boutiques and slow-food restos. (Again, years). Paxton Gate is cool. (More years.) Five and Diamond, cool. (Snag— this place just opened not so long ago. Hipster quotient not yet established.) Amnesia bar: won SFBG's "Best of the Bay in 2005 and 2006. Dosa Indian restaurant— not new, but fine. Missed: Beretta, Valencia's newest culinary hot spot. Missed: Fixed-gear bikes have replaced cars, and scads of sundry 'staches grace the upper lips of young denizens. Missed: New crop-ups on 18th Street (Bi Rite Creamery, Faye's). Bell Jar on 16th. Et cetera, et cetera. Will the neighborhood see an increase in tourism thanks to its mention in the prestigious pages of the Gray Lady? Maybe. But if that should happen, where will the disgusted youngsters settle next? Worse yet— what will become of irony?
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