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Gav to Shut Down Embarcadero for Pedestrian Invasion

Mayor Newsom has received the necessary permits to shut down parts of the Embarcadero and Third Street — from Bayview to Chinatown — to encourage city residents to get a little exercise and see their city in a new way. For two weekends this summer, six miles of roadway will become San Francisco's newest and biggest promenade. As locals strut and stroll up and down the ersatz parade ground, they'll be able to join yoga classes, take up rollerskating, and learn some moves from a Dancing with the Stars alum. Bayview merchants are thrilled with the plan, which they say will introduce their neighborhood to people who only know it through all-too-frequent news stories about violence and crime. Of course, it wouldn't be San Francisco unless someone was unhappy with the plan— in this case, it's the merchants of Fisherman's Wharf, who say the mayor might as well cancel Christmas for all the money they'll be losing due to the decrease in automotive traffic. "Fair enough," says the city, who has already called off the third car-free weekend. Two steps forward, one step back ...
· Car-free parties planned for Embarcadero [SF Gate]