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TwitterWire Redux: "Nabe" is, in Fact, Played

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And the word came down: "nabe" is played. So said our readers in last week's poll, inspired by a gentle threat on the Curbed TwitterWire, wherein another blogger threatened to "punch a neck" if she saw the words "nabe" or "staycation" on any local city blogs. After consulting the Oxford English Dictionary, 66.1 percent of you asserted that nabe has, in fact, run its course. However, 33.9 percent of our voters think that everyone should "loosen the f*ck up" and let go of petty disdain for neologisms and the like. For the record: Guru Anil Dash, subject of our Twitter critic's desire (as evidenced in the wallpaper pictured above), thinks that nabe "sucks." So let's consult our trusty thesaurus: "area, block, community, confines, district, environs, habitat, locality, milieu, parish, precincts, purlieu, region, section, street, suburb, turf, vicinage, vicinity, zone." Your vote? Ours: purlieu. And in the meantime, we'll stick with our trusty nabes (if perhaps a little less).
· TwitterWire: Is "Nabe" Played? [Curbed SF]