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Storefronting: Mid-Market Retail Renderings Revealed

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Storefronting is Curbed's regular look at the changing retail scene, with an emphasis on how it impacts neighborhoods. Opening a store? See a store that's opening? Send the deets 'n pics.

Looks like the rumored retail revitalization project for Market Street (at 5th/ 6th) is about to become a reality: CityPlace will bring a ginormous 250,000 square feet of retail space to the open air drug market Mid-Market neighborhood, appealing to San Francisco's "diverse demographic" of shoppers. The Planning Commission has already certified the developer's Environmental Impact Report, and if the city happens to grant the building permits one of these fine days, construction will begin in 2008 and end in mid-2010. [Curbed Inbox]
· CityPlace [website]
· Gensler Architects [website]


965 Market Street, san francisco, ca 94104