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Curbed Reader Rant Roundup

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It's been a downright fierce week in the Curbed SF comment box— here's a few of our favorite moments of rhetorical mastery:

1) Death or Cake on yesterday's iPhone lineup: Just utter losers, to have such a fawning, craven need to be 'the first' (what, as in 'chosen'?) for a cunsumer product that they will have easy access to in a couple of weeks. Reminds me of the thousands of idiots who lined up in Central Park just to get free tickets to see Patrick Stewart ("Captain, PICARD, dude!") do Shakespeare ...
2) An anonymous commenter who cares very deeply about our use of "nabe": Good god, yes, stop using that fscking word already. You drop it in like every other post, and it's a stupid neologism no matter how many other bloggy publications decide to use it. It's a dumb bit of jargon that makes your entire site seem fluffy even for a Gawker-esque ephemera site ...Sorry to rant, but this has honestly bugged the hell out of me for months now."
3) Lefty on NIMBYism in Noe Valley: "Ilove the "rampant consumerism" blast, as it requires no imagination. we live in san francisco, where the median home price approaches $900,000. 'that whole yuppies coming in to gentrify the neighborhood' ship has sailed."