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Development Watch: Ultra Green at 330 Mission Street

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Word is out that a 27-story, $200 million ultra-green tower is slated for construction at 330 Mission Street. The Greener Than Thou building will be the first to use plastic bottles and Styrofoam in the place of concrete in certain spots. The developer, GLL Development & Management (See also: 1999 Fremont Street) is feeling rather cocky, and just might push to build on a speculative basis; the project has secured only 30 percent occupancy so far. Brace for demo watch, as construction could begin in mid-to-late 2009 if the permitting process glides right along as planned. Another sign of the madness to come at the future Transbay Terminal and Tower.
· S.F. tower developer GLL goes to green extreme [SF Business Times]

[Lame semblance of a rendering courtesy SF Business Times]