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Risky Business: Rent by the Day at One Rincon Hill

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An enterprising owner at One Rincon Hill is renting a floor unit by the day. $100 per day will score you a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom condo with full amenities, and valet parking for one car. Renters will find cable TV and Internet service, but no phone lines (you know, just in case there's an earthquake). Your new One Rincon hideout is only available from Sunday night, 7pm until Friday evening at 7pm; holidays are to be had only at the landlord's discretion, at $150 per day. Our owner claims that his spot is perfect for commuters or other biz folks in need of posh, short-term housing. Exactly what kind of business, you ask? That, we cannot answer. Hourly rates? All inquiries should be directed to: 760-809-6687.
· 1br - 1 RINCON HILL- Brand New Furnished 1 bedroom with bay view [Craigslist]

One Rincon Hill

425 1st Street, San Francisco, CA 94105 Visit Website