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Silicon Valley Can't Buy You Style

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Silicon Valley. Obscene wealth. Real estate. A decorator or two. Net result? See above. Historically speaking, the Valley's Webtards nouveau riche tend to make rather tragic, if not downright abominable decisions in the design department. (See: Larry Ellison's imperial village, or Gurbaksh “G” Chahal's Infinity masterpiece.) Pictured above is a 15,000 square foot slab of suburban sprawl set in the Los Altos Hills. 3.29 acres, 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 7 fireplaces, library, family room, game room, pub, gym, tennis court, pool, spa, and a two-bath/bed guest house. $28.95 million. San Mateo and Santa Clara counties shelter Silicon Valley's most powerful tech titans, most of whom prefer to keep a low profile when flipping their multi, multi million-dollar atrocities properties— these homes do not make it to the MLS. As one might surmise, most have weathered the mortgage crisis gracefully. While the market has dipped— sellers might have to slum it, accepting the asking price instead of above-asking bids on their homes— land remains at a premium and apartment rents have jumped, too.
· The Most Expensive Homes in Silicon Valley [Business Week]

[Image courtesy Buisness Week]