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Construction Watch: Condos to Cabanas at 1844 Market Street

Enough with the speculation — it looks like Christiani Johnson Architects/ Bay Rock Residential's project at 1844 Market Street is definitely on hold. We've been watching this site for ages, to no avail. The lone piece of construction equipment that had been languishing on the lot for months is now gone. Curiously, a ramshackle cabana of sorts has taken its place — our operatives recently spotted the above scene. Noted: liquor bottles, chess board, a trailer, several horrific paintings, and an odd wicker animal that we can only guess serves as the crew's mascot. Because there is, in fact, a crew on site: our informant reports frequent raucous parties on the site, most on weekend nights — late, late nights. Should the project ever come to fruition, expect 114 units facing both Market and Waller Streets, along with ground floor retail, an interior courtyard, and a Zen Garden. Who knows — maybe we'll see some progress once the contractor's kid goes back to the dorms.
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