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Preservationists Unite: Condos for the Harding Theater

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[The Harding Theater; Image courtesy Flickr photog caffeina]

What once was the Harding Theater (along with 1728 Hayes Street, the adjoining lot) shall soon be "adaptively reused" as a 5-story, 8-unit residential building with 8 cars' worth of parking. Down the marquee will fall, as will the rear stage— the project isn't a done deal yet, as the enviro impact report remains sullied by a "negative declaration," an a couple of variances are still up in the air. Developers seek to build a 15 foot yard, much shorter than the required 29 feet. This major discrepancy poses some sort of problem with the rear windows, which won't meet "exposure requirements" as a result. So in other words, there's still time for plotting, tin-hat wearing preservationists amongst you. [Curbed SF Inbox]

Harding Theater

616 Divisadero, San Francisco, CA 94117