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Peskin on Pagoda: Can't We All Just Get Along?

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C.W. Nevius throws in his two cents' worth on the Pagoda Theater in today's Chron; nothing new here, save a few priceless lines from the inimitably quotable Aaron Peskin who paraphrased Rodney King (1992 L.A. Riots, North Beach NIMBY quibble— total correlation there) while assessing the state of the nabe. In response to developer Joe Campos, whose plans to transform the site into residential condos remains caught in the crossfire, Peskin said: "I told him, 'Hey, dude, I just want to get along ... In no way is this legislation aimed at the Pagoda Theater.'" Peskin claims no ill will toward those who support redevelopment in the area, including the single mother who mortgaged her house in order to open the long-beleaguered (and as of Sunday, now open) Fro-Yo shop, Swirl Culture. The Pagoda's property owner claims that opposition is "coming out of one household" (i.e. Peskin's). The kicker, however, goes another disgruntled North Beacher: "If that legislation passes, Aaron Peskin's legacy will be an aviary." Not to mention a whole lot of shit.
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