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Under 500 Club: Visitacion Valley Edition

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The Under 500 Club is Curbed SF's exclusive members-only support group for those shoddy, poorly-staged homes (if at all!) languishing on the market for under $500,000. It's a sad state of affairs out there, San Francisco. All sad sacks and shitboxes should appeal to the Curbed SF inbox.

What: Hands down, 3900 San Bruno Avenue is the most respectable member to walk through Under 500 Club's door. The two bedroom home isn't huge, but a recent renovation has made it move-in ready and—dare we say it— charming.
Where: Visitacion Valley
How Much: $499,000
Note: All interior spaces are nicely finished. The cement patio, however, could use a little TLC. For inspiration, may we recommend an HGTV move-in marathon?

What: Another new member in Visitacion Valley, 1901 Geneva Avenue is a tiny 810 square foot single family home on a corner lot. It's quaint enough for a bank foreclosure, although this property is going to need a little more work than our first member. Bonus: semi-tunnel entry (?!) and a large yard.
Where: Visitacion Valley
How Much: $424,900
Note:"Room and bath down, done without permit (agent or seller to not warrant this space)"