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Double Agent Operates at Foundry Square

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SoMa moves one step closer in solidifying its new rep as a major business district with the completion of Foundry Square I, a 10 story, 366,000 square foot glasstastic office tower at 400 Howard Street. The (already sold out) F.S.I. is actually the third of Foundry Square's four sites— II and IV were completed way back in 2003 and III is waiting on an application to increase its allowable area. The potential expansion was made possible by the acquisition of a 10,000 square foot building with a secret double identity: mild-mannered Goat Hill Pizza by day and a downtown dance club by night. Commercial real estate: the Kryptonite of industrial SoMa.
· Foundry Square I Complete, Tenant Moving In [Globe Street]

[image via Webcor Builders]