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Presidio Trust Issues Enviro Report, Don Fisher Stands Smug

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Don and Doris Fisher, you've been served! Today, the Presidio Trust will release its environmental analysis report for the Main Post, planned future home of the Fishers' Contemporary Art Museum of the Presidio, along with the Disney Family Museum (where in hell is the protest on that one, people?) and the International Center to End Violence, among others. The report will assess the impact of CAMP, a proposed hotel, restaurant, bar, movie theater expansion, plus a few other odds and ends— the Disney project is, tragically, exempt from scrutiny as it was approved several years ago. Today's findings mark another round in a bout between the Fishers & Co. and the Presidio Historical Association, whose initial plan for the area, developed over years with input from the community, calls for— brace for the shock here— strict guidelines for land usage at the Main Post. While the PHA insists that the proposed projects (read: CAMP) will compromise the area's "historical integrity," locals fear the impact of increased traffic in the nabe. The opulently wealthy tend to remain calm in the face of staunch opposition, and the Fishers are no exception— they won't consider any other location for their project because— oh come on now, let's just admit it— they don't have to.
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[Map of the Presidio courtesy the Chron's graphic design squad.]

[Aerial porn courtesy San Francisco Citizen]

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