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Let it Mellow: Water Shortage Slows Construction Efforts

Forget about a lack of building permits, the California building industry has much bigger problems. Namely, a water shortage. That's right, we're in the midst of a bonfide, governor-approved drought and developments aren't making it through approval due to their insensitive and unnecessary (in the government's eyes, at least) water usage. The mandated construction slowdown can be attributed to a state law requiring developers to provide a 20-year water supply plan for their projects. The law has been in effect since 2002 but was never actually invoked...until now. So to adapt, developers are re-landscaping and rethinking their plumbing systems to get projects approved. Unfortunately for some, the water issue is just more ammunition for the NIMBY's of the state, and we're guessing that argument will be raised here in San Francisco before the end of the summer. Regardless, it's nice to see that level of thoughtfulness in a large development, even if it is a last resort. Is it possible that maybe by the time this water shortage is over, developers will have actually learned something? Nah.
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