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Bay Area Builders Can't Haz Permits

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Housing crisis. Mortgage crunch. Recession. Summer reruns— tough times here in the United States, and banks are understandably nervous to lend money for new mortgages. As fate would have it, however, a housing shortage threatens to pummel the Bay Area. Not such a great time to slow down new construction, eh? Yet issued building permits in the nine Bay Area counties are down 24% from the annual average— and over half of those were given "above-moderate-income" households. Those most affected, of course, are the lower-income hoi polloi; a lack of affordable housing might contribute to a new population of "working homeless." There is, however, a last bastion of construction, where 548 permits became a staggering 3,950 in the past year. Dublin. Dublin, California.
· Bay Area cities issue fewer housing permits [SF Gate]