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Broker BlogWrap: By Any Means Necessary

Broker BlogWrap is our tribute to the brokersphere. Posts of note may be passed along accordingly.

1) Classified ads: prehistoric. Craigslist: passé . The hottest new way to buy and sell a home in the Bay Area? E Bay. Take for example, the $60,000 "Home on San Francisco Bay." Where's the Buy It Now option when you need it? [Redfin]

2) Look, we know the housing market isn't that great right now, but when a blogger putsall the negative articles together in one post, it's just unnecessarily depressing. Couldn't it include a picture of a cute cat or something? [The Housing Bubble Blog]

3) San Francisco finds itself near the top of a lot of lists — many of which include the words "most" and "expensive." It's refreshing then to find a negative list that does not include our fair city: Most Overvalued Markets (i.e. those about to crash). The top name? Atlantic City. [SF RE Blog]

4) The state of "things" in Northern California: a $890,000 Cupertino house that offers three bedrooms, 1,342 sq ft of space...and no toilet. [Burbed]