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Eater Tastings: Shutter Bloodbath Sweeps City

Eater SF followed this week's drama in resto land.

1) Shutter bloodbath! The fallen: PJ's Oyster Bed, Red Room, London Wine Bar, Limon, Out the Door... The list, it goes on.
2) Wrong, wrong, wrong: PJ's Oysterbed, in the Outer Sunset, got its revenge by abandoning its seafood to rot on the rawbar following its shuttering. We just threw up in our hand. More than a little.
3) Owl Tree reopens, ditches its kitch for a little klass. Worry not: the owls remain.
4) Neighborhood feuds, racism, humor in Marin. Racism? Humor? In Marin?
5) The Beach Chalet hosts a "cougar" themed singles party.Older women. Younger Men ... The Beach Chalet? We're failing to see the connection here...